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Gowanlea Private Nursery
37-41 garscadden road


Glasgow G15 6UH


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Fees and Payment methods:

-Standing Order (SO)

-weekly or monthly
-Credit or Debit Card

Fees are payable monthly in advance SO should be paid on the first of each month. Parents who pay weekly should arrange for SO to be paid in advance every Monday for the weekly amount.


Gowanlea Nursery

Fee Information as @ August 2014

Number of Days

Weekly fee

Monthly fee

5 days



4 days



3 days



2 days



2 x ½ day



3x ½ day



4x ½ day



5x ½ day





Voucher Payments

The nursery is registered with most voucher companies and parents are welcome to use vouchers for payment of fees. Vouchers payments are payable in advance, parents who wish to use the voucher system should have them set up for their child’s start date at nursery.

Partnership Funding

Children are entitled to Government Funding (Partnership) on the first term after the child’s first birthday. Those children who qualify for partnership funds will have the amount deducted from their fees over the period a year from September to the end of June.

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