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Gowanlea Private Nursery
37-41 garscadden road


Glasgow G15 6UH


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Our Philosophy


Education in the early years is much more than teaching colours, shapes, numbers and letters. It is about developing strong, curious, confident children. We aim to extend their fascination and wonder at the world around them. We strive to develop concentration and commitment, to and with, the learning process. We encourage children to explore real and imaginary worlds and to form positive relationships with others in this context. Children who acquire a willingness to ‘have a go’ and to learn from mistakes always have a head start in learning. Gowanlea develops this approach at every level.

Please click the link to our rooms to get an impression of the learning environment and a view of some of our abundant resources and activities.

- Crawling Caterpillar Room
- Tweenies Room
- Pre School

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